Tribal Wise Women

Tribal Wise Women & Keeping Busy During The Life-Changing 2020 Pandemic

Tribal Wise Women

I know, I know – I promised it wouldn’t happen but it has!

As you know, I undertook to write here regularly and keep you up to date with my take on life here in The South Lakes but, once again, I have failed miserably. My apologies.

During a recent video call with my sister, who lives in Canada, she remarked on the lack of my musings and how much she enjoyed them. ‘Enjoy’? I thought about that word and it gave me some pleasure to think that my writings were able to convey such an emotion. So, there we have it – my sparking once more into life here is the result of the encouragement of my sister. Consequently, you know where the blame lies…

Now, I have a great respect for my sister. She is a titch older than me and oftentimes, during our earlier years, she made a point of ensuring that her seniority carried weight and added value. I humoured her then of course (a much safer course of action to take!), and life, as it does, went on. Going our separate ways, the years rolled by. Truth be told, many years have gone by and during that time the respect I have for my sister has grown exponentially. I haven’t told her that though!

I was prompted to take stock and, thinking about the miles that separate us, it dawned on me that I miss my sister, I miss her a lot. Modern technology enables us to speak and video chat often and we both remarked recently how comforting it is to be able to stay in touch so easily. But I digress…

My thought process was such that I pondered on family hierarchy – I have an interest in genealogy – and it occured to me that the increasing respect I have for my sister is a sign not only of the passing of years but also an indicator of her elevation in status. You see, I consider my ‘big sis’ has reached a point where I deem her to be one of the venerable wise women of our family tribe. True, she may not thank me for such a sentiment and dismiss the notion. Also true, we have tribal women of more mature years – for example our mother (the matriarch) and an aunt or two may hold sway there. Again, she may not thank me for it but I’m amused to think of my sister as ‘Tribal Matriarch (Canada Branch)’!

It has to be said though that the pantheon of our tribal wise women is strengthened considerably by the inclusion of my sister. I’m tempted here to detail individual merits of our wise women but space does not permit. Suffice to say they are a formidable and, at the same time, beautiful bunch and you mess with them at your peril! I rest easy also in the knowledge that there are a number of younger women of our tribe already laying down their credentials for the future. They know who they are…, and I’m content the tribe will be well served for the rest of this century and well into the next.

Keeping Busy During The Life-Changing 2020 Pandemic

I have been tempted to write about the awful global pandemic which we have experienced so far during 2020. Then I thought that there is plenty to read elsewhere on the internet for those who wish to do so. What I will say is that I hope everyone stays well and stays safe during these strange and difficult times.

For my part, I have tried to keep busy and that is another reason for my lack of presence here. Activities in our small town have been severely curtailed. Consequently I have not been able to get out into the hills, fells and lakes as I would like. As 2020 progresses this may change – indeed, my walking groups are making tentative plans to resume activities and more and more local places of interest are reopening their doors. There is light ahead.

My interest in photography has kept me occupied and I managed to complete my course at Kendal College. Within the last few days I was pleased to receive confirmation that I successfully obtained a pass grade at Level 3 in Photography from the University of the Arts (London). I’m now looking forward to receiving my certificate!

It is becoming evident that my photography is headed in the direction of Digital Fine Art and it is in this area that I intend to focus my energies during the coming months (and years). There is an awful lot to learn, with a wide range of techniques to master, but I am achieving some success in these early days. The image featured here, entitled ‘Fire, Ice and… a touch of Magick – The Wise Woman’ is an example of my work and my attempt at fusing both aspects of the title to this post. Further examples of my work can be seen by clicking here to visit my FaceBook page.

I’ll be back soon – I PROMISE!

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