Lancashire Tea

Time for Tea

It’s often said that there has been a high possibility of the folks of Devon and Cornwall coming to blows over the respective merits of the Devon Cream Tea and the Cornish Cream Tea.

Cream before the jam or cream after the jam – which is correct? I’m tempted to say that, for me, it doesn’t really matter as both are scrumptious.

It’s important though to get these things right and, in case you were wondering, the folks from Devonshire tend to smother their scones in cream before adding jam while those from Cornwall go jam and then cream.

I am a long way from the south west of England now so I no longer fear upsetting the good people of Devon or Cornwall by having a preference as to how I have my scone, jam and cream (or should that be scone, cream and jam?)!

Although my small town is to be found in Cumbria it was not always so. For centuries the lands hereabouts, on the northern shores of Morecambe Bay, were were known as ‘Lancashire North of the Sands’ and many local folk will argue that it remains that way.

Now, you may be thinking – ‘What has all this got to do with cream tea?’ Well, I’ll tell you. Devonshire folk and Cornish peeps may have their teas with scones and cream and jam but up here in Lancashire and in Lancashire North of the Sands we have our own tea – the Lancashire Tea! No scones and cream and jam for us though for instead, with our brew, we will take Lancashire cheese and fruitcake. A jolly fine thing it is too!

So my friends, next time you venture to these parts, take my advice and sit awhile by the coast, or on the fells and take in the views while having a Lancashire Tea – I promise you will not regret it!

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