Devils Bridge

Roll on Spring – Hope to see you soon!

I’m getting a bit fed up now. It’s been a long winter and it’s time now to gave way to spring. Time for The Wheel to turn once more. I know I’m not alone in that thought and I’m so very pleased that in the lanes and hedgerows, in the fields and gardens and on the low fells, daffodils are stirring and beginning to show their heads of yellow gently swaying in the breeze.

I say ‘gently swaying’ – perhaps I should add a caveat… The daffodils are not currently gently swaying, far from it – being battered would be a more apt description! In recent days we have been visited by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis – both have blown in from the west, crossing the Atlantic and hitting the whole of the United Kingdom hard, very hard.

In this small corner of The South Lakes we have fared reasonably well – it’s been wet ‘n’ windy but little damage has been done. Other parts have been less fortunate. Wales has suffered terribly as has Yorkshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire. Other areas too have been flooded by rising river levels caused by rain falling on already saturated ground and rivers bursting their banks.

Close on the heels of Ciara and Dennis, it looks like we can expect Storm Ellen to hit us soon as she is rapidly heading this way… Hopefully Ellen will look kindly upon us and pass us by – let’s hope so.

It will therefore be no surprise that I’m looking forward to spring, and summer too for that matter. Times which bring long days and warm sunshine, birdsong, cold beer & cocktails, barbecues and ice cream. I’m looking forward to it – how about you?

I’m excited too because in the summer my sister and brother in law are coming to visit. They too are blowing in from the west – from Canada. Well that’s not completely correct, more from the west with an easterly swerve because they are visiting Norway first where sisters hubby has family who are overdue a visit.

Er det for tidlig å si – ha en flott tur?

Hot on their heels, in October we have another visitor – a much loved niece is also breezing in from Canada for a visit! Last time castles were on the ‘see and do’ list – I wonder what it will be this time…

My interest in photography continues unabated. I’ve completed both Level 2 and Level 3 UAL Photography at Kendal College – my Level 3 result is expected in June. I’m now enrolled in a short microcredential course with the Open University. Commencing at the end of March, this course will, hopefully, lead me to Licentiate Distinction (LRPS) in still photography. Wish me luck!

Previously, posts here have featured photographs of ‘Castles, Towers ‘n’ Stuff’ and ‘Good Fences ‘n’ Stuff’ – this year it will be ‘Ancient Bridges ‘n’ Stuff’ – maybe you might drop by again soon and take a look.

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