Oh my golly gosh!

Oh my golly gosh!

Goodness me, how can this be? Where have the last five months gone?

I’ve been rather remiss in my writings here – even though I promised I wouldn’t be. Time flies when you’re not looking and oftentimes life gets in the way of good intentions. And so it is with me.

Spring and Summer have visited here in The Lakes – along with rain. Lots of rain. Some say we need it here to ensure the lakes around and about don’t run dry. I’m inclined to agree. I like the rain, I find it soothing and love the way it refreshes everything it touches. I love the smell of it too and the way it brings life and soul to everything it lands on – from plant-life to birds & beasts of field and forest, wild and domestic, large and small.

The harvests have now been brought in here in Cumbria and the first signs of winter approach. Samhain, marking the end of harvest, is almost upon us – a time to mark the change from the season of plenty to the ‘darker’ half of the year. Some say, and I am one, that, at this time, the veil between this world and The Otherworld is at its thinnest and is but just a mist. It is a time, they say, when it is possible to communicate with our ancestors and others that have gone before us and transitioned to take their place in the Summerland. I know what I think, what I believe, it gives me comfort that no-one is lost and our forebears are there, watching over us, waiting to be reunited once more.

I have developed a keen interest in photography. It is something I have been minded to do for some time but never got around to doing. I’ve decided to do something about it and am determined to become as proficient as I possibly can. It’s going well so far – I’ve acquired a Level 2 award in the subject from the University of the Arts London and am now busy working towards achieving Level 3! I’m also now a member of my local photography club – the splendid sounding Grange & District Photographic Society. Founded in 1903, the society is well supported locally and I was pleased to be recently accepted – pleased too to have had two of my photographs included in the first competition of the 2019/20 season. Judging takes place next Monday – wish me luck! It amuses me to wonder what the worthies of Grange would think of the advances in photography that have taken place over the last 116 years.

So, life in a small town goes on – as it always has and as, I guess, it always will. Drop by again soon – I’ll be here with a story or two, news and more musings. Until then…

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    1. Sadly, it’s an internal club competition (just as well really, for this anxious & lacking in confidence newbie!) – but if my photographs are received favourably, who knows, they might feature here next week!

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