Life gets in the way

Life Gets In The Way

Here you will find a Tale Of The Day on Life in a Small Town

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Indeed it does

Often, life gets in the way when you are hit with curveballs and blown off track. I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it. I’m sorry that I haven’t maintained this site in the manner I (a) Would Like and (b) Promised I Would.

Days, weeks, months, and over a year have passed since I have written on these pages, and I apologise. I can and will do better starting now!

There will be some site maintenance to do first, as I have to brush away the dust and cobwebs that have gathered due to my inactivity. It will also be necessary to recover followers and readership as I will have lost a lot of support due to the lack of publication of news and updates. Please be aware that I am focused and raring to go!

Should you be interested, I’ve been inactive mainly because I have been heavily engaged in supporting a local mental health support charity in the hope that I could help it to thrive and expand. Sadly, my efforts have been unsuccessful, and the charity is closing. That is unfortunate, but I now have more time to spend with you here.

Life gets in the way? Not anymore!

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and delivering snippets, news and views of life in Grange over Sands. Please bear with me while I get up to speed, and do drop by again soon for the latest updates.

If you find life is also getting in your way, take a moment, breathe, and check out this resource, The Creative Life – it may help!

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