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Festivals, Fayres and Shows, Oh My!

You can tell the arrival of Spring in these parts.

Firstly, there is the arrival of snowdrops and crocus flowers. Then we see fields of yellow daffodils which sway in the breeze and bow to you as if to say ‘Hey, we’re here! Aren’t we beautiful? Can you see us?‘. To that we reply, ‘But of course, we can and you are!‘.

Then we see new leaves bursting from tree and bough and then there are tiny white dots in the fields which surround us. These dots turn out to be new born spring lambs who leap and bounce, gambol and bleat in their ones and twos. They rush about exploring and investigating but never straying far from their mothers who gaze over them with pride and ever watchful eyes – always ready to baa and meh warnings if an interested human or two strays too near for comfort.

The days pass and then, if you venture into the forest glades you will smell the sweet heady aroma of wild garlic which comes to you on the morning breeze. The scent reaches you first – then you see the wild garlic flowers spread before you as a living breathing white carpet. Look to the left, look to the right and the scene changes – this time the carpet is of a different hue, a cerulean hue, for here you will see a sea of bluebells brightly lit by the sunlight as it filters down through the trees with leaves of emerald green.

Such sights are a joy to behold.

But wait, I digress – Spring also brings festivals, fayres and shows as the towns and villages slowly wake from their winter slumber. Each hamlet seems to have its own celebration and today it was the turn of my small town to host the first event of the year. Other villages will have their own shows and maybe I’ll write a paragraph or two on these as they happen – after all, surely that is what ‘Life in a small town’ is all about.

Image Prom Art

A good turn out!

Today was out first Prom Art of the year. Some say Prom Art is the biggest open air art and craft fair in the north, with up to 80 stalls selling fine art, ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, recycled, textiles and everything inbetween. Held along our fine Victorian promenade, overlooking the glorious Morecambe Bay, on the last Sunday of the month from April thru September, the event showcases fine art and crafts from some of the regions finest and most respected artisans. Here you can take a leisurely stroll along the promenade and browse stall after stall of original art, photography and crafts.  I like to chat to the exhibitors & makers, watch live demonstrations, enjoy performing arts & live music, all the while taking in the stunning backdrop of the bay with its unique wildlife and habitats.

Image Prom Art

Prom Art – Grange over Sands

Our next event is on Sunday, 26th May – why don’t you drop by and then take the time to explore my lovely home town of Grange over Sands with its vibrant cafe society – you never know, maybe I’ll see you there!

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