Alas, 'twas not to be

Alas, ’twas not to be

It was just a few days ago that I shared with you my tentative steps into the world of photography. I mentioned that I had joined my local photography club, the Grange and District Photographic Society – other photography clubs are available, but they are nowhere, in my humble opinion, as prestigious, or as well established, as the one we have in my small town – and I had entered two photographs in the first internal competition, or challenge, of the 2019/20 season. I’ve never entered a photography competition before and, as a relative newcomer to the art, submitted my work solely to ‘gauge the water’ or, in other words, ‘to check out the opposition’. Goodness me, there is a streak of competitiveness hidden inside this soul of mine after all!

My images, which were taken a while back now, long before my more recent progress, were, to my untrained eye, ok but not overly special. However, they were ideal items with which I could test the water. Sadly, my work was unsuccessful in itself but the experience of entering has been most valuable nonetheless.

The challenge was made up of four categories: ‘Robin’, ‘Gate’, ‘Car’ & ‘Flower-head’. I entered the ‘Gate’ and ‘Flower-head’ sections with these works:

As we used to say down ‘in the Smoke’  – ‘good try but no coconut!’.

It was a wonderful challenge and club members enjoyed viewing all the entries, judging, voting and choosing the eventual winners. A total of 22 club members submitted 68 images covering the four categories and there were 6 winners, including 2 pairs of joint winners.

As they say… ‘And the Winner Is…’

Grange and District Photographic Society – October 2019 Members Challenge – Winners

Hopefully, like me, you will feel the winners thoroughly deserve to be congratulated! That said, I’m looking forward to crossing swords with them again at the next competition in December!

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      Aye Mel, they do – but it is only right and proper and to be expected from the burghers of the Grange and District Photographic Society!

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