Image of Stile

Wednesday Wandering

Wandering today I came across this. It reminded me of a promise I made to have a series of posts entitled ‘Good Fences ‘n’ Stuff’. Coming under ‘…’n’ Stuff’ this stylish stile was found in the woods not too far from here. Stiles come in all shapes and styles don’t you think?

Image - Bay Villa

Random Snap

There has been a settlement here since at least 1190 and for a long time the town has been a resting place for travellers crossing the sands of Morecambe Bay. The town grew during the middle of the 19th century with the coming of the railway and the development of the town as a resort for the wealthy mill owners …

Image Farm Gate

Laid Back Friday

Feeling lazy today so sitting on the fence. Ok, it’s not really a fence more of a gate. Maybe I’ll do a series of ‘Friday Fences’ – if I do perhaps I’ll include gates too. That way they won’t feel left out. Feeling mellow once more so leaving you with some Diana Krall. Have a good weekend.