Tales of life in Grange over Sands - a small town in the North of England

The musings, sometimes comical, often irreverent, of a Cumbrian 'offcomer'

Let's go! Take me to your tales of small town life!
Sheep on a sunny hilltop in Cumbria
Cumbria, view of a distant lake

About Me

A transplant from the city enjoying life in a small town in South Cumbria... a place where everyone knows my business before I do! I'm not famous (yet) in these parts, people just talk about me as if I am.

Tag Along

I invite you to join me as I record small town life through the lens of my camera and share my reflections on how the simple life can be a good thing.

Grange foreshore at low tide. Cumbria coastline.
Cumbria. View of Grange over Sands from Arnside.

Grange - The Town

The town, just in case you are interested, is Grange over Sands - situated just to the south of the beautiful Lake District National Park which can be found in the county of Cumbria, England.

A Slow Start

I had intended to start sharing this project and journey with you in the Spring of 2015. Life, as so often happens, conspired to delay that beginning but, hey (Grange-over-Sands is a small town right?) it just goes to show we need a slower pace to really see what goes on around us. Travel with me and enjoy.

Sunset over Morcambe Bay, Cumbria.